We are determined to make a difference, not just through action but through better action. Already tens of thousands strong, we take a different approach to civic engagement: through our vetted, meticulously-researched actions and our trainings and seminars, we empower our members to be more informed,  prepared and ready to create a better world for future generations. Join us!

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Here's our vision:








We started off as a Facebook group, but real change happens offline -- at the ballot box and the floors of Congress and the state legislature. That's why we have a long-term vision of ACTION for the group. 

Phase 1:  Organize interested members. That means signing up for a centralized email list, organized by zip code, congressional district and state house and senate districts. No matter what corner of the state you're in, we will help you network and organize with other progressives in your area. 

Phase 2:  Create a formal infrastructure with a full suite of advocacy tools. We want to make it effortless for members to write letters to congress, call their local representatives, and more.

Phase 3:   Train and educate members across the state about how to get involved in politics and policy. Train and support members who want to run for office at all levels -- from school board to township office to state positions. 


Illinois photos via the Illinois Office of Tourism. Check them out at www.enjoyillinois.com