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Advocacy 101

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how to influence policy as an advocate. Learn about the difference between activism and advocacy, how legislation is really made, and how to take better action. Includes tips on getting letters to the editor published, social media advocacy, prepping for constituent meetings and town halls, and more. Focus is on how to influence all levels of government -- local, state and federal. 

Art of the Argument

Facts matter, but how you present those facts is how you can win an argument and persuade voters. This training focus on ancient rhetorical skills -- ethos, pathos, and logos -- and features the best debate clips from presidential debates and others to teach you how to make the perfect policy case, every time. 

So You Want to Run For Office

You're fired up, ready to go! Now what? Learn about what it really takes to run for office from those who have been there. Not just a technical seminar about filing petitions and fundraising, our training goes deeper to explain what it's really like to put yourself out there as a candidate for local, state and federal office. 

Influencing the Media

Media narratives are a core part of what drives policy in our country. Learn how to influence those media narratives. Does tweeting to journalists really work? What happens when you write a letter to the editor? Which sources are the best to use? This training will empower you to influence the media at the local, state and federal level. 

Volunteering for Campaigns: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Campaign season never ends, and volunteering for a campaign is a great way to get involved. What should you expect? What is it like to be a volunteer on a local, state or federal campaign? We break down the different types of volunteer opportunities (field, phone banking, canvassing, etc.), explaining each one and empowering you to get involved. 



ABT hosts Policy in 60 Minutes Seminars which help to distill complex policy issues into easy-to-understand arguments and talking points. Keep an eye on our calendar for a seminar in your area!

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