ACTION: Fight Trump's voter suppression commission!

President Trump's "Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity" has been roundly condemned by election officials and voting rights experts as nothing more than an attempt to intimidate and suppress voters. In fact, Trump has appointed Hans Von Spakovsky, an architect of the right's voter suppression and voter ID strategies, to the Commission.

This week, we learned that the Commission has contacted election officials in every state requesting massive amounts of voter data, including names, party affiliation, voting history, social security numbers and more. 

Already, election officials across the country are refusing this inappropriate request.  Here is what Kentucky's Secretary of State had to say:

“The president created his election commission based on the false notion that ‘voter fraud’ is a widespread issue — it is not. Indeed, despite bipartisan objections and a lack of authority, the President has repeatedly  spread the lie that three to five million illegal votes were cast in the last election,” Grimes said in the statement. “Kentucky will not aid a commotion that is at best a waste of taxpayer money and at worst an attempt to legitimize voter suppression efforts across the country.”

Help ABT pressure Illinois officials to follow suit and stand up against this request.

ACTION #1: Contact the Illinois State Board of Elections

SCRIPT: My name is X and I'm an Illinois resident. I am calling to urge the state to refuse requests by the President's commission to turn over our voter data. My address is X. Thank you."

Additional talking points:

  • In-person voter fraud is a myth. No reputable study has found that it's a significant threat to the integrity of our elections. 
  • Our state and federal governments should be focused on securing our election systems against hacking and protecting the right to vote.
  • Please have Illinois join other states that have already rejected the Commission's inappropriate request.
  • Don't waste time and taxpayer money on making it harder for voters to vote. Thank you. 

ACTION #2: Contact Governor rauner

You can use the above script and talking points

ACTION #3: Sign our petition

We will directly deliver your signatures to the Governor and the Illinois State Board of Elections as part of our follow-up action.