It lives! Defeat Zombie TrumpCare, the even worse version of a terrible bill.

NOTE: This bill may come up for a vote as soon as Wednesday, May 3. Call your representative now!

We thought TrumpCare 1.0 was bad, but this Administration never fails to surprise us. The new bill is a disaster. And unlike the old one, it has the support of the "Tea Party" House Freedom Caucus, which increases its odds of being passed and ripping healthcare coverage from millions of Americans.

From our friends at the Protect Our Care Coalition: 

Their latest proposal makes a bad bill even worse. It has all the bad elements of AHCA and also effectively eliminates the ACA’s guarantee of affordable coverage for preexisting conditions.

Like the bill that was pulled down from the House floor without a vote it will:

  • Raise premiums by 20%
  • Result in 24 million more uninsured
  • Give 600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy and large insurance and drug companies
  • Create an age tax
  • Effectively eliminate Medicaid expansion and ration future Medicaid care
  • Threaten essential health benefits like maternity care, and critical mental health services

Call your Congressperson by dialing 866-877-3303 and tell them how you feel about this immoral, dangerous bill. If you have to leave a message, leave your address so they know you're a constituent. 

EASY SCRIPT (personalize as appropriate): "Hello, my name is X and I'm a constituent. I'm calling to urge Representative X to oppose the new healthcare bill. My address is X. Thank you." 

LONGER SCRIPT: "Hello, my name is X and I'm a constituent. Does Representative X have a position on the new healthcare bill?

If opposed: "Please thank Representative X for their support." 

If supports: I'm calling to urge Representative X to oppose this bill. This is an immoral bill that will rip health insurance coverage from tens of millions of Americans and make coverage for those with preexisting conditions unaffordable. Ultimately it will cost lives. My address is X. Thank you."


  • Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet on the new bill here
  • American Medical Association''s statement here

Your activism defeated Trump's last attempt to destroy the progress we've made through the Affordable Care Act. You can do it again. Let your voice be heard.