ACTION: Help stop gun violence in Illinois

In the next week, the Illinois Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would require most gun dealers to be licensed and to use best practices that help keep guns out of the wrong hands

Studies show that 40% of guns used in crimes come from Illinois, and 17% can be traced to just three dealers. Yet while professionals from hair stylists to manicurists need to be licensed in Illinois, gun dealers do not.

SB 1657 would change that. Its licensing scheme would:

  • Require background checks for gun store employees
  • Mandate improved theft-prevention practices like alarm systems and video surveillance 
  • Make it easier for law enforcement to inspect gun dealers
  • Prohibit gun shops from opening within 500 feet of a school

Call your State Senator and urge them to support this common sense bill. You can find your Illinois Senator here. If you can't call, sending an email is second best, but make sure to provide your address so they know you're a constituent. Also leave your address if you must leave a message. 

EASY SAMPLE SCRIPT (personalize as appropriate): "Hello, my name is X and I'm a constituent. Does Senator X have a position on SB 1657, the gun dealer licensing bill?"

If they support the bill: "Please thank Senator X for their support. My address is X. Thank you."

If they don't support the bill or have no position:  "I urge Senator X to reconsider. This is a commonsense bill that will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals without penalizing lawful gun owners. My address is X. Thank you." 

Step by step, we can stop the flow of guns into criminals' hands and save lives.