ACTION: Fight to protect choice in Illinois!

On April 14, Governor Bruce Rauner declared his intention to veto Illinois House Bill 40 (HB 40). Aimed at protecting reproductive choice in Illinois, HB 40 is expected to come before the Illinois House for a vote on April 25. 

From our friends at ACLU-IL:

House Bill 40 strikes a dangerous “trigger” provision in the Illinois abortion law and affirms that Illinois will not go back to the pre-Roe days of illegal abortion.
By removing the anti-choice “trigger” language from the 1975 Act, HB 40 ensures that women’s health care will be protected in Illinois, regardless of what happens to the Supreme Court in a Trump administration. There is simply too much risk.
HB 40 removes discriminatory provisions from Illinois law that deny insurance coverage of abortion to many women who depend on Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance.
Every woman, regardless of whether she has private or government-funded health insurance, should have affordable and comprehensive health care coverage that includes coverage for abortion care, so she can make personal health decisions based on what is best for her and her family.

You can read the bill here. Read the full ACLU-IL primer here


  1. Contact Governor Rauner
  2. Contact your State Representative
  3. Sign up to phone bank or canvass

1. Call Governor Rauner to let him know that if he vetoes this bill, you will hold him accountable at the voting booth.

SIMPLE SCRIPT (personalize as appropriate): Hello, my name is X and I am an Illinois voter. I'm calling to urge Governor Rauner to reconsider his decision to veto HB 40. My address is X. Thank you. 

2. Call your Illinois Representative and ask them to support the bill:

Click here to look up your Illinois State Representative. Input your address and click "confirm address." 

SCRIPT:  Hello, my name is X and I am a constituent. Has Representative X taken a position on HB 40 yet, the bill protecting choice in Illinois?

If yes: What is the position? 

If they support the bill: Please thank Representative X for their support. 

If they oppose the bill: I urge Representative X to reconsider their position. We have to protect women's access to essential reproductive health services. My address is X. Thank you.

If no position yet:  I strongly urge Representative X to support this important bill. My address is X. Thank you. 

Please make sure the staffer takes down your name and location before hanging up. If you leave a message, make sure to leave this information so they know you're a constituent. 

3. Sign up to canvass or phone bank

Already called your reps? Magnify your voice by encouraging others to call theirs. A coalition of advocates has created a website where you can find information on phone banking, hosting a phone bank party, or canvassing. The more residents learn about this bill and make their voices heard, the more likely it is that women's reproductive rights will be protected in Illinois.