ACTION: Push back against false narratives on Trump's speech

Donald Trump read a speech to a joint session of Congress off a Teleprompter and some in the media are grading him on a curve, claiming he was "presidential" in his speech (which was full of lies, extreme policy positions, and more). "Presidential Trump," CNN raved. "New Tone, Ambitious Vision." Another headline declared that "70% Say They Feel Better About Country's Direction after Watching Speech." Given Trump's actions and his history of lying, this is an alarming statistic. 

But we've seen this before, and we know this was no presidential pivot. As DNC Chairman Tom Perez said, “This was Steve Bannon on steroids with a smile." Media normalization of Trump helped propel him to the presidency. We can't sit back while it helps advance his extremist agenda. 


Letters to the editor (LTE) are a powerful tool. They have massive reach and can fight back against false media narratives or help correct the record (check out this awesome LTE by member Karin which was just published).

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  • Donald Trump's speech wasn't presidential. It's not presidential to attack immigrants who contribute to society, to rip away healthcare from cancer patients, or to destroy clean water rules. 

  • Some in the media are impressed that Trump was able to read a speech off a Teleprompter without his usual bluster and insults. Presidents shouldn't be graded on a curve. If anyone else gave that speech, people would rightly be outraged.

  • This is classic Trump. His advisors get him to read something they wrote, the press hails it as a "pivot" or "change in tone" while ignoring that the policies are still disastrous, just delivered with a smile.

  • Like clockwork, Trump will soon revert to himself. He can't help it. He claimed the time for "trivial fights" is over but if history is any indication, we'll only have to wait a few days before he gets his Twitter account back and picks a fight with another celebrity or media outlet while ignoring the real issues facing our country.