ACTION: Stand up against Steve Bannon

When Donald Trump appointed extremist Steve Bannon to be Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist, it was clear that Trump had decided to embrace an extremist agenda during his term. Now we've learned that Bannon will be sitting in on National Security Council meetings, a dangerous move that breaks with precedent. This is not normal. 

We know that Donald Trump won't listen to anyone but himself with respect to Steve Bannon. We also know that highlighting Bannon's influence in the White House gets under Trump's skin. For example, Steve Bannon's role as essentially puppet master of the presidency was highlighted this weekend on SNL (again), on the cover of TIME magazine, and in news article after news article. It has Trump seething:

We know that the only way Trump will decrease Bannon's role or remove him from his position entirely is if he believes Bannon is getting more attention (and credit) than he is -- so let's get under Trump's skin and keep this narrative going. 


Letters to the editor (LTE) are a powerful tool. They have massive reach and can fight back against false media narratives or help to correct the record (check out this awesome LTE by member Karin which was just published).

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  • Steve Bannon is an extremist and a self-described "Leninist" who believes America is involved in a  “global existential war." He's said “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too."
  • Because of Trump's inexperience and lack of knowledge, he's elevated Bannon to key strategic and security positions in the White House. 

  • The first few weeks of Turmp's presidency clearly demonstrate Bannon's influence -- from the Muslim ban to the border wall, these are textbook attacks on minorities which have been the hallmark of Bannon's career as an extremist. 

  • Trump is reportedly signing executive orders that he doesn't read or understand. [source]

  • Trump lost the popular vote and won the electoral college, but in both cases, people didn't vote for "President" Bannon. 


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