ACTION: Write a letter to the editor on Trump's executive orders

Through a series of executive orders, Trump is already demonstrating his complete abandonment of the American people. Take five minutes and write a letter to your local paper about Trump's executive orders. 



Since taking office, Donald Trump has already proven he cares more about headlines than actual sound policy. 

Experts are still scratching their heads over his order on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which calls for a blanket easing of the "regulatory burdens" of Obamacare without any guidance or plan. His hiring freeze on federal workers applies to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which he attacked as being understaffed and promised to strengthen during the campaign. His "withdrawing" of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was all show, given we were never formally signed on to the deal, and his approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines puts our environment at risk and ignores the very real legal challenges to the projects. Finally, his anticipated orders to "build the wall" and block refugees fleeing war are just bad policy and not what our country is about. 

The flurry of executive orders with little thought as to their consequences is classic Trump: slap your name on something, get the headlines, and leave the gritty task of managing to someone else. He's all about headlines, not hard work. America deserves better.