ACTION: Fight the NRA

The National Rifle Association, the American Suppressor Association and other far right gun rights groups are lobbying hard to pass Senate Bill 50 in Illinois, which would legalize the ownership and use of suppressors in Illinois.

This bill was introduced in the last session but was not brought up for a vote. Now, the bill is again introduced and scheduled for a committee hearing on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25th at 9:00 AM.

While the NRA claims the bill is for hearing safety, it still is bad policy. In fact, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart opposes the bill, since many crimes are reported by the sound of gunfire:

"Frequently the telephone calls that come in to law enforcement about problems that occur on streets come from neighbors and the like who have heard gunshots out there; it draws law enforcement to the area where the shots were fired from," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. "If there was none of that, it would decrease the ability for law enforcement to get to a location and quickly find out what happened and maybe the people who did it are still in the general area? Yeah, it would hurt."

If you live in Illinois, contact your state Senator and urge them to VOTE AGAINST SB 50. You can look up your State Senator and contact them at the Illinois General Assembly website:

Click here to look up your State Senator and their contact information.

NOTE: Senator William R. Haine is the sponsor of the bill, and Senator Neil Anderson is a cosponsor, so if either is your State Senator, adjust the script below accordingly. 


SCRIPT: "Hello, my name is X and I am a constituent. I am calling to ask the Senator's position on SB 50, a bill that would legalize gun suppressors in Illinois. What is the Senator's position on the bill?

[If they SUPPORT it]

I am extremely disappointed and this will affect my vote. The bill is opposed by law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us every day. I hope Senator X reconsiders his/her position, because if they continue to support the bill, I will not vote for them and will actively work to ensure my friends and family also know how he abandoned the safety of our families in Illinois. Thank you.

[If they are AGAINST it]

I am extremely pleased to hear that the Senator is on the right side of this issue. The bill is opposed by law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us every day. I look forward to seeing the Senator's NO vote if the bill gets the Senate floor. Please pass along my thanks to the Senator for ensuring the safety of our families in Illinois. Thank you. 

[If they are UNAWARE of it or the Senator's position]

The NRA claims it's for hearing safety but it that's simply not true. I think the key point is it's opposed by law enforcement. I hope Senator X votes AGAINST the bill, since I know their vote will affect my support for him/her and I know the same is true for my friends and family. I urge the Senator to protect the safety of our families in Illinois. Thank you.

Also, please follow these steps to fill out a witness slip AGAINST S.B. 50:

  1. Go to the ILGA Dashboard at

  2. On the left, click “Senate” > “Committee Hearings”

  3. Under “Scheduled Senate Committee Hearings” click “Week”

  4. On the right, click the “View Hearing Details” tab for Criminal Law

  5. On the right, click the “Create Witness Slip” tab for S.B. 50

  6. Fill out the information. In Section III, check “OPPONENT”, and in Section IV, check “Record of Appearance Only”

NOTE: If you live outside of Illinois, please take a moment to fight the bill on social media using the hashtag #AgainstSB50